Who is Elizabeth Etta?

Who is Elizabeth Etta?

Elizabeth Etta is a singer/songwriter based in Central California. Apart from playing solo shows locally, she is also part of the Japanese Americana band Pirates Canoe, and occasionally plays with her dad in their unit called the Deedees.

主に日本とアメリカで活動するパイレーツ・カヌーのギター・ヴォーカル担当。カリフォルニア中部在住。西海岸でのソロ活動や、父親Owen Hunt とのデュオ “The Deedees” での活動もしている。

Praise for Pirates Canoe

“Even the hippest of SXSW hipsters probably haven’t heard of Pirates Canoe, but with a sound that’s Alison Krauss-meets-Ry Cooder-meets Alan Toussaint, they’re the skinny jeans from Japan that are destined to be fashionable stateside soon. The sometimes trio, other times sextet, mixes a dollop of Irish folk with a helping of fiddle, mandolin, guitar and percussion that beautifully complement — but never overwhelm — the singers’ ethereal harmonies. Though based in Japan, the members met in a very Americana way; the story of Pirates Canoe’s inception involves a bar, a violin case and a few adult beverages. That’s not to say that the band has completely shucked its Asian roots for Nashville though. Consider “Gull Flying North,” an uptempo mandolin romp that has just enough delicate tones to bring the Far East to mind.” – Rolling Stone Magazine

“Because who knew that an Americana act from Kyoto, Japan, looks significantly odder on paper than it sounds in practice? Half a song in and it’s not the novelty, but the songcraft and playing that grabs and holds your attention. If only half of what East Nashville is churning out right now seemed this authentically heartfelt.” – esquire magazine

“… Pirates Canoe has been lulling the masses with classy Americana a la Alison Krauss, the kind that gives you a pit in your stomach because it’s like the heavens opened and bestoweth divine, majestic song.” – MTV Iggy